Terms of Service

We, FlowiseAI Inc, identified by registration number 37-2097367 and doing business as FlowiseAI, is located at:

9450 Sw Gemini Drive Beaverton, Oregon, 97008, United States

For any inquiries regarding these Terms, please reach out to us at support@flowiseai.com.

Your acceptance of these Terms is implied upon using our Platform. If you do not agree with them, refraining from using our Platform is necessary.

For non-consumer entities, confirmation of authority to bind the business to these Terms is required. References to "you" or "your" pertain to the business entity accepting these Terms unless specified otherwise.


  • Account creation is mandatory to access our Platform. Accuracy and currency of information provided during registration are essential. Upon registration, you are granted a personal, non-transferable right and license to use the Platform for internal business purposes until termination as outlined in these Terms.

  • Safeguarding your account details, including username and password, is imperative. Prompt notification to us at support@flowiseai.com is required if unauthorized access is suspected.

  • These terms are legally binding. Usage of our Platform and downloading of Website Content indicate acknowledgment and agreement to these terms, provided you have the legal capacity to enter contracts in your residing country. For business representations, authority to bind them to these terms is essential.

  • Subscription fees apply. A free trial period is provided for paid subscriptions, with clear communication of its duration. Premium services are accessible post-trial upon fee payment, excluding taxes and duties.

  • Payment terms vary depending on subscription plans, either monthly or annually. Downgrading or upgrading services is possible, subject to terms outlined in our documentation.

  • Exceeding plan limits may lead to account upgrades, with prior notice provided. We will provide you with 14 days’ notice prior to upgrading your account in which you can choose to object to this change of Platform access.

  • Merchant of Record, Stripe, handles fee recovery for our services, including taxes and duties.


  • Our Platform encompasses a low-code platform and associated services.

  • Programming interfaces or software scripts may be required for workflow creation and execution. User Content sharing and access are facilitated on the Platform.

  • Platform performance is maintained to described standards, although security and bug-free operation are not guaranteed. Users are responsible for configuring their systems for Platform access.

  • Platform suspension or restriction may occur for operational reasons.

  • Users must ensure compliance with these Terms among all accessing parties.

  • Breach consequences may include account suspension, content removal, legal action, or disclosure to authorities.

  • Secure internet connections are user responsibilities, with no liability assumed for connection disruptions.

  • Platform links to third-party resources are provided for informational purposes only.


  • Intellectual property rights are reserved for FlowiseAI Website Content, with limited user download and sharing rights.

  • User Content must be accurate, law-abiding, and compliant with our standards.

  • Reverse engineering, modification, or unauthorized access attempts to the Platform are prohibited.

  • Platform usage is restricted to internal business purposes, with no transfer or sublicensing rights to third parties.

  • Unauthorized access attempts are prohibited, with potential criminal consequences.


  • Platform intellectual property rights are retained by us, with limited user access for internal use only.

  • User data transmitted through the Platform remains owned by users, with granted usage rights for Platform improvement.

  • User Content intellectual property rights are retained by us, with granted usage rights for user sharing and modification. No claims can be made against us for similar content creation.


  • Subscription termination options are available via the Platform or email.

  • Data retention duration is subject to our retention policy, with user notification preceding account deactivation and deletion.

  • Important terms outlined in these Terms will survive termination.


  • Limitations on liability are outlined, excluding certain liabilities prohibited by law.

  • We do not guarantee Services quality or suitability for individual purposes, with no liability assumed for user due diligence lapses.


  • Notice delivery methods are outlined, with email communication reserved for material impacts on user rights or Platform usage.

  • Complaints or legal disputes should be directed to our address stated above.


  • English law governs these Terms, with English courts serving as legal venues.

  • Changes to these Terms are communicated via updated versions with effective dates indicated.

This terms was last updated on June 3, 2024.