Build LLMs Apps Easily

Open source UI visual tool to build your customized LLM flow using LangchainJS, written in Node Typescript/Javascript


Why use Flowise?

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Open Source

Open source MIT license
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Build Fast

See your LLM apps running live
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Extensible Component

Custom component integrations

LLM Chain

Basic example of LLM Chain with a Prompt Template and LLM Model


QnA Retrieval Chain

Github repo QnA using conversational retrieval QA chain

Language Translation Chain

Language translation using LLM Chain with a Chat Prompt Template and Chat Model


Conversational Agent with Memory

Conversational agent for a chat model which utilize chat specific prompts and buffer memory

Let’s see how it works

Frequently asked question

Is it free?
Yes! Open source is the core of Flowise, and it will always free for commercial and personal usage
How to get started?
It is as easy as running
npm install -g flowise

Followed by
npx flowise start
Does it support Docker?
Yes! You can spin up a docker container by:
docker-compose up -d
How to reach out?
Feel free to reach us at: